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2020 –Year 2 to 6Uniform Requirements Formal Uniform Formal Uniform must be worn to and from school OPTION A – GIRL STYLE • Blouse, tie and badge • Skirt (compulsory – formal wear) • Charcoal … endobj <>>> endobj <> These forms are available on the College web-site www.wmac.com.au or at the Uniform Shop … The Covid Pandemic has left numerous people unemployed. This NGO has been taking very good care of our needy officers and they have also helped us immensely during the Covid Pandemic. x��][o7�~7���O��n^�bg�L0�$/�E0g�G�-ee�����/"����(�[,V�ͯ���]�����W?����U�����T������z��_��n���7��r��*[���Ǯ��[=�^���o���m��c�������j�ު��w_�x���������������?����*�C� +���4��]g�;y�BE�ء����oLm�w���q^LƜ;��zx�������������M�۫�����ۿ����wb�|��~���*�����|�\�Mՠ�Z��#F��R)�fS}���oW��_���_��;h��G����BC_�?>��������۪�US����zҚ��g�7�� �"x�mWzi�T�Bk�Z�(��#F!7j��]P�7 �Ja`я���q�;� ֵ���ô_Sp����?�w﫫������� �� ɮ�۱6V D⓽�OȬO���w�݃C@�k=���t�>��z. x��]�s�6����Hvj�x�\�3�;��M#�z��>жbkj��L5�����d%Z�V��\3�������}a)ߊ�;|���3Q~��x��8|9q��f������(���ϕ1�ۘ��DmTQ����������٪*Q���� endobj %PDF-1.5 endobj We work with the Government of Punjab to educate people about how they can reduce and eliminate the growth of these deadly mosquitoes. We hold regular free Medical camps in Qasoor, Okara, Saiwal and Lahore. 3 0 obj I encourage them to continue their great efforts", wmac Welfare Foundation - Copyright © 2020. endobj 4 0 obj This project has been put in to place to assist them. 2 0 obj 1 0 obj david@wmac.uk: Member Secretary/Treasurer: Simon Ford: 01386 751 227: simon@wmac.uk: Webmaster/Social Media Officer/Club Officer: Sam Booton – sam@wmac.uk: Secretary/Events/Training Officer: James Ford: 07756 216 207: james@wmac.uk: Club Officer: Jeremy Flatt: 01905 779 998: jeremy@wmac… D��A~ M&�����nzq�^�u��T�^�߆6|[��3��qu�}%nN/:�|y��"���EA��i�X��c��rs)��-��ғ�a�� ���h��+�Ƙ���[��`�1������1��ύ��^T_���yW?r�'(:M1���2>��ث��K�ǯ��A܀��*�x%��I�����WARf��f=�� ���e��_�d�����/��]6�ߝrK5��26�~r��]�����@�����!���$�XKz�+m��E����6��£������g��;��~�-Q��� l�"g���B O�K�8{��Cv�����W5��2F�Z�ե_�Sox�������pz�;��2!=��[�ۦ.��*�$�L���&. They provided us with masks, sanitizers and protection kits. We arrange martial arts training to build self confidence. 2 0 obj <>>> We hope to enlighten the people of Pakistan by educating them about their rights and the rights of other people so that we can all live together peacefully. Ladies learn self made technical skills to be financially independent too. We are WMAC, an NGO, a global non-governmental, non-profit welfare foundation, established in Lahore, Pakistan, initiated in 2017 and Registered to Government of the Punjab, Social Welfare Department in … This project is to provide awareness about the importance of keeping our environment clean and healthy. West Moreton Anglican College Uniform Shop January 2020 Opening Hours January 2020 13 Monday 8.00am to 12noon Normal trading 12.30pm to 3.00pm Appointments Only 15 Wednesday 8.00am to … We hold seminars for children, students and families and take an active part in cleaning our roads and parks. These doctors specialissze in eye, heart and kidney disease. i Specialist doctors love to volunteer for us and help take care of the needs of the people of Pakistan. Serving humanity in various fields, especially women empowerment, education of special children, health of poor and needy and to inspire breakthroughs in the way the world treats women and special children and to achieve immediate and lasting change in their lives.

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