who is kizuna ai in real life

From my point of view, I started to focus on her at first because of her stupid action. Apart from not being real, Kizuna Ai is a normal YouTuber who talks about her daily sports exercises or favourite dance moves, and of course games. But on the night of 26, somebody finds a tweet belongs to Kasuga Nozomi(believed to be the VA of the original Ai. Then is this new version “Kizuna AI” still the one that most fans fancy? Recently, some untrustworthy information and conjecture is spreading on the Internet. This channel was once banned due to inappropriate content. The videos Kizuna posted contain much similar content to other video bloggers. Lets not forget one who has clear attachment to the point it comes as cross as obsessive and just annoying on how often the rest of them enabler to do it. [77], On 25 December 2016, Kizuna's producers decided to put up her MikuMikuDance 3D model for free download and edits on her official site. [21][22][42] The most viewed and most popular gaming video by Kizuna is her Let's Play of popular indie game Inside. • Recommended Viewing She looks so old in that website compared to other leak photos when you looks bery bery cute girl. All of these are from our love, love for Kizuna Ai. It looks like we can look forward to great things from Kasuga in future, as she sets out to make a career for herself under her own name! I’m still addicted to it. Ami Yamato, is a British virtual vlogger based in London who has a penchant for Starbucks and strolls around in the “real” world, occasionally alongside live humans. var urls_1 = {"en":"https:\/\/topten.ai\/kizuna-ai-information\/","ja":"https:\/\/topten.ai\/ja\/","de":"https:\/\/topten.ai\/de\/"}; [8–15–2019 UPDATED] A live broadcast in Ponpoko’s Channel(ぽんぽこちゃんねる), 【本日開催】夏だ!祭りだ!24時間だ! #ぽんぽこ24 vol.3 第1部, mentioned about the Kizuna Ai issue. They never demand payment or more Patreon donations. Press [20][21] Though this has caused speculation regarding the operation crew and technology. Her character model was created by Project A.I., Morikura Yen (森倉円), Tomitake (トミタケ) and Tda[4]. Kizuna AI has been a major force in Japanese fandom over the last few years. [57], In April 2017, a collaboration between Kizuna and Japanese video game development company Asobimo was announced. Sometimes she has a roast about something. If any part of this article against the fact, please point it out at the comment, Also any new clues are welcome. Another clue was found in the lyrics of Kizuna Ai’s new song Sky High. Her channel now boasts more than 1.5 million subscribers, and, despite not being a living human, her whole image and personality are crafted to seem like she is a real … [76] Junko Saeki, a professor at Doshisha University, also suggested that Kizuna's quietness may be perpetuating a new wave of orientalism because of her role as one of Japan's primary cultural exports. [34], Kizuna is able to livestream and record videos in a virtual environment; this is generally considered to rely on the freeware MikuMikuDance.

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