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National Taiwan University of Science and Technology, A System for Tender Price Evaluation of Construction Project Based on Big Data, Collaborative model: Managing design changes with reusable project experiences through project learning and effective communication, ANALISIS PENYIMPANGAN PADA PROSES PEMILIHAN PENYEDIA JASA KONSTRUKSI SECARA ELEKTRONIK DI PEMERINTAH DAERAH, A deterministic contractor selection decision support system for competitive bidding, Understanding Collusive Practices in Chinese Construction Projects, A Beginner’s Guide to Factor Analysis: Focusing on Exploratory Factor Analysis, Impact of Competition on Prices in Public Sector Procurement, Evidence of the impacts of public e-procurement: The Portuguese experience, An effective early fraud detection method for online auctions, Augmented process model for e-tendering: Towards integrating object models with document management systems, Household Task Performance Roles of Husbands and Wives.
q�;�G=u[�'� �敡���j��^�S�=�����rM�2"kX@�9 �N��H�N}l�Z��������0�'9�w�Lg5�~�C���`�T +x���LHk�q0��h�Gli�Co���|���"Cۂ��m�ɬ,���GP>�5��/�1:8w���1����\�':4l���ܵxX8��x�z��yO�;p����=}֏�[����$�5�Y_�ģ��BE�vb��d�{��� Kٖk��ò��L��ũF^���-����j��hİr�e��p���i�ax\9 [�W��w8�5"�,�b��.�����#�X�p��[�R1��-��zC�`����+���ћ��}5��t1. h�bbd```b``Y"���=�df�)�@$�Yp That the benefit statements appear in every part of the proposal. The current tendering process has vulnerabilities that can be exploited to negatively impact project delivery. Then, a model was developed in the light of the data collected. The factors are the USO’s business orientation, human resources’ reputation, product innovation, business plan, business models’ innovation, social networks, export activities, capital access, government support, and the business’s incubator. The most common problem is the bidding system’s inability to provide a complete database of contractors with their personnel, past works and experiences, and performance evaluation. x��\َWz��w����K�/�ЁՖ���3�sQ$�IzZ,��(�o�2y���يuȒCn6���_�;o���S���o�|?�z�n��7�a�>��������f�?4þ;��tZ �Շ����.x��}�����7��"xxz�*"�/�$̪ �¢Ȃ�ϯ_E�����W��`����/�_���8��Ti��v/۬��4q�ƞ�y��U6o�������x�*x��}�������O?�s�IWG]VIXU2��ny�-��=l�����"��w�v�-^^|���bw({}��O��;�K}�Pi�B �_�GI�o����h�~+��D'�V�����m������m->��t4�����ۏ��4�my[,�5�>����|+�kj�q��uj��=w'j�1�C��o9���?��_=��Ĝ�Ĝ2 He .Procedia Engineering. In doing so, they establish a firm, a so-called University Spin-Off (USO), which specializes in carrying out the mission. all factors are significantly related in former but not in latter. In this paper, a system for tender price evaluation of construction project based on big data is presented, aiming to use related technique of big data to analysis project cost data to give a reasonable cost range, which contributes to obtaining the evaluation criterion to support the tender price controls.

/Filter /FlateDecode /FormType 1 /Length 15 Finally, the Monte Carlo simulation technique has been used to simulate risks in two completed infrastructural projects. tendering process and one observation of a risk meeting have been carried out. Based on, and procurement ethics, tendering process should run, review stated that every construction life cyc, process in Portugal had several problems, such as lack of. through Tendering Process. Findings - This paper presents a model for contractor selection that is wholesome in its take on the topic. !

%���� x���P(�� ��endstream 224 0 obj <>stream ! The tendering process can clarify the objectives and requirements of the project. Access scientific knowledge from anywhere. IndoDev Niaga Internet is a factor access control and security operations. stream Convenient tender receiving/opening time and address of the tender receiving officials/tender box are properly notified. This study proposes a new early fraud detection method that considers accuracy and timeliness simultaneously. << /Type /XObject /Subtype /Form /BBox [ 0 0 100 100 ]

the Participants of this Participants of this Study Consisted of 31 (n= 31) Managers and Experts of Tractor Company.the Concourse of This Study. /Matrix [ 1 0 0 1 0 0 ] /Resources 18 0 R >>
Data for this study were collected through a survey. endobj A research sample of 256 public tenders was investigated in order to evaluate two research hypotheses. ��]ՂI�y_2���d����[yO�!����H��t�>����;��.8 ���s:�7���o›�O�|�S��FǪ��x�tؤZ��&ӡ��|��|~z������6N���{�<=�I��v�ؾjG������d��;;T~|U����=>|z��M�Xt�3�����s�����! J. 1 0 obj The data were collected from 111 USOs established by 14 universities located in five big cities in Indonesia. (20, & Jasa and Berbagai Permasalahannya, Edisi. stream /Filter /FlateDecode /FormType 1 /Length 15 %PDF-1.3 %���� It also aims to determine how rework induced from the design changes is detrimental to project performance and to suggest recommendations on how to overcome the related problem with project learning and effective communication in building construction. Our experimental results show that the performance of the selected attributes is superior to other attribute sets, while the hybrid complement phased models markedly improve the accuracy of fraud detection. The system to evaluate the lowest price, bid, candidates use below-minimum wage to pay the. Efficient use of public resources should be supported by quality management of the tender procedure to achieve competitive tender prices. e-Tendering System can be accessed by internal and external stakeholders alike at: https://cidco.maharashtra.etenders.in/

endobj The model incorporates both managerial and technical aspects of the problem.

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