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And we liked it like that! When first discovered by humanity, the Tau were a barbaric and primitive people.

No? Compared to pretty much every other faction (though the non-Warp drive using FTL factions are different; the Necrons microteleport and use wormholes, the Eldar use the Webway extradimensional network, and the Tyranids bring their production power with them as they tugboat in by gravity channeling) the Tau move at an absolute snail's pace, hence the reason why their worlds are so tightly packed together. An empire is simply a nation that is focused on expanding.

Refusing to believe that the Gue'vesa were willingly won over to the T'au Empire through what was honestly better treatment than they had under the Imperium, many Imperial officials continue to insist that other races must only serve under the T'au due to some form of mind control over their "allied" races. Tau Fire Caste, Tau Air Caste, Kroot and Vespid Forces, The Deathsworn, Hrenian Light Infantry, Demiurg Forces, Nicassar Forces, Gue'vesa Forces and other minor Xenos armies Get the fuck out of the way, Oldfag. However, the new codex has HEAVILY downplayed their naiveté, bringing back the original codex mention that the Ethereals have officially declared some species "lost causes" and that the Greater Good demands they be killed to the last.

The rail gun has extreme range and is immensely powerful, being one of the best weapons in the standard Warhammer 40,000 game; its effect upon an Imperial tank is described as two neat holes in both sides, the crew sucked out through one of them as the projectile exited, their remains scattered across two dozen meters.

And who the fuck can with a straight face call a pulse rifle and carapace grade armour "inferior equipment"?

An Imperial genetor's report in the fourth edition Tau codex observes the presence of synthetic proteins in Tau internal organs and suggests them as evidence that their evolution has been accelerated, though he might have been confused by synthetic proteins that the Tau were given. Subscribe to our e-mail newsletter to receive updates. https://www.reddit.com/r/Warhammer40k/comments/73nmf9/finished_some_counts_as_vespids_conversions/. What is for sure though is that, whatever part of the terribly suited to analysing politics outside of the modern era one-dimensional spectrum of political agenda they are on (probably wherever you'd put Imperial Japan during world war two), the Tau government is mainly oligarchical, with the vast majority of political power concentrated in the Ethereal caste.

Fleet lets them Run or charge a little bit further than normal, though with as poor as they are in combat this isn’t nearly as good of an ability as it might have been.

Some people think Tau military doctrine has been hit hard with the same stupidity nerf bat as every other fieldable army; every other faction has some reason for their material to be as limited as they would be in a fantasy setting, but the Tau have widespread education, unlike Men and Orks; reasonable access to production facilities relative to their population, unlike Necrons and Eldar; and are capable of coherent research and development, unlike Tyranids and Daemons. ...Or nurgle...or, well any of the ruinous powers really.

Typically, the races are extended a hand from the Water Caste first, and if they still pose a problem or otherwise refuse to be reasoned with, the Fire Warriors are sent in.

Arguably have the most powerful guns in the game. And new faith-based Warp fuckery (a glowing flying priest dueling a battlesuit, yes) from the Imperium that even caused some of their human levies to seek redemption by attacking the Tau.
Their bodies are encased in a chitinous exoskeleton, which sports many lethally sharp barbs. In addition, human auxiliaries (Gue'vesa in the T'au language) are sometimes seen to be aiding the T'au as well. the Alcubierre bubble). No, not by a long shot, but it’s enough to at least give Marines and most monstrous creatures some pause when they’re around- nothing feels stupider than losing your Hive Tyrant or (god forbid) Wraithknight to some damn Vespid. Conversely, the Tau have realized just how massive an undertaking expanding through the entire universe would really be, and are taking it slow. It's also not really an empire; the Tau government, the Ethereal caste, is essentially an edifice of meritocracy and nepotism-Tau leaders are appointed to their position by even higher ranking leaders and/or a council of their future peers; the highest ranking Tau, the Aun'O, is elected by his future underlings, much like the Catholic pope, but is still simply considered the weightiest voice of a group (like a prime minister), not an Emperor with absolute power.

Ergo, the Tau, despite not being the exterminate-all-other-species kind of racist, are still an ethnocentric, aristocratic empire pretending to be a Federation, not unlike Britain during their 'tenure' as the rulers of India.

We're not grimdark enough for you, Neckbeard?

(please people, spell check. The Vespids' technology is based around exotic crystals which are only found on the bottom of the floating islands of their homeworld, which they manipulate with the ultrasonic sounds manipulated from their wings. The Tau Codex leaves ambiguous the question of just how much of their success is due to various forms of indoctrination, caste-based conditioning, and subtle mind control.
There were like three or four of these suits, by the way. As the saying goes: "You can't spell TAUNT without TAU.". As an example of this, take the Battle of Mu'gulath Bay, known as the Battle of Agrellan to the Imperium.

I think you’ve dated yourself with this one, my friend. Mantas, Barracudas, and EMP drone-torpedoes reign supreme at extreme ranges, gaining the Tau navy the same reputation their ground armies have. While baldly self-serving, that logic is...well, mostly correct, really. More generally, the Tau battle philosophy is "deny your opponent the chance to interact with you," which is a good philosophy for real soldiers but can make for frustrating or uninteresting gameplay. In fact, they have only one rule to their name- Plunge From the Skies, which allows them to set up in reserve and arrive on the board anywhere more than 9″ from enemy units at the end of a movement phase; in other words, a bog standard deep strike ability. The Taros campaign is a prime example of these tactics (and of the Imperium's strategic stupidity). The sensor quills were originally to be dreadlocks, but were changed late in the design process. Thus the T'au two biggest military threats are alien races which possess military doctrines diametrically opposed to those of the T'au.

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