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Click the link to read more about how to understand Talent Q test results and score report. Korn Ferry, the company that administers the Talent-Q tests say as much on their website: "Putting time into practising the kinds of questions you may face in ability tests is the best way of maximising your performance and boosting your confidence.". However, these exams are split into several categories of tests, which all take a slightly different approach to the testing. From reading the question we can tell that we are looking for information about the group of employed graduates in two different years: 1990 and 2000. The answer (highlighted in red) shows that the biggest increase in employees was 8.5 million - in the manufacturing sector. 4) What is the duration of the Talent Q Numerical test? Alternately, answering a question incorrectly means that the next question will be easier. The test is twelve questions long and is presented as graphs and tables with questions. Look over any explanations and answers offered on free practice exam sites online. Take a full test from your  ‘Elements Numerical’ tests. Lucy is responsible for supporting Hay Group to grow and develop their business, with a focus on creating and delivering solution-based training. You might not always be asked to complete all three, as some employers may only select the topics that are relevant to the job. It involves maths skills, algebraic understanding and problem-solving abilities. If you are applying for a specific role, you will only have one chance to take the Talent Q Numerical test during the hiring process. This will provide you with the tools you need to prepare effectively for this test and the unique challenge it represents. This way, it’s easier for you to manage your time by focusing on the easier questions first. We use cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. After thorough research and reviewing feedback from 100’s of customers, I created this page for you. II) Take all remaining mini-tests. All Tests are timed and come with score reports, answer explanations and solving tips. © Practice4Me 2018-2020, All rights reserved. how to understand Talent Q test results and score report. I) Drill the questions you find most challenging ("Numerical Drills" section). Typically, there are four questions per set of data. Add the total number of unemployed graduates in 2000: 125 + 150 = 275Divide the number of unemployed from private universities by the above total: The answer: The proportion of unemployed graduates who studied in private universities is 0.45. a) Assuming the tax rate applies to the entire salary, in which sector did the number of employees increase the most from year 1 to year 2? The test includes four sets of data, given as either a table or graph. Employed graduates and the year 1990 are not relevant to this question. The Talent Q Elements Numerical Assessment is a graph-and-table interpretation exam targeted toward graduates, professionals, managers, and executive-level recruits. Remember that you will not be able to go back and change an answer, so as you practice give each question the attention it deserves. Previously, Lucy worked as a senior research and development consultant, where she was heavily involved with delivering client solutions. If you have any questions after reading it, feel free to contact me at ask_tal@jobtestprep.com, Practise Real Test Questions & Apply Our Expert Solving Method to Start Improving Your Score. So make sure to bring them with you before starting the test. You can see that each row represents a sector; “year 1” and “year 2” appear in 2 places, but only the top part of the green table refers to the number of employees; You can also see that the green table only discusses percentages of employees, and that it’s the bottom black table that gives you absolute numbers. In contrast, the Talent Q Numerical test makes it nearly impossible to choose from the dozens of possible answer choices. We Help Over 70,000 People Every Year Improve Their Score - Fast. As with the other Talent Q Elements tests, applicants should expect the Korn Ferry Elements Numerical Assessment to be challenging. Proper practice and preparation during your pre-employment period greatly increases the chance that you will succeed on this exam. Most tests do not allow for taking breaks during the duration of the exam. 3) Can this test be taken more than once? This online psychometric aptitude exam helps employers during the screening and hiring process as they go through those on the pre-employment applicant list. Try to assess your sticking points, whether it's elements of the graphs/ tables or certain calculations you find confusing or not intuitive. The Talent Q Numerical Test (administered by Korn Ferry) assesses your ability to understand and analyze numerical data provided in tables or graphs. It's time to learn to deal with the pressure of the time constraint you’ll face when taking the real test. This means that it is not enough just to do well on the test; since you will need to surpass your competitors scores as well. 4) Calculate The difference: in the number of employed in 1990 and 2000: b) What proportion of the unemployed graduates in 2000 studied in private universities? One is the Aspects suite which is a portfolio of assessments designed for frontline volume recruitment for positions like customer service, sales, and support. Hi, I'm Tal, JobTestPrep's expert for the Talent-Q Test. Reassess your weak points, then go back to the guides to see if there are tips to help you improve in those areas. As with the other Talent Q Elements tests, applicants should expect the Korn Ferry Elements Numerical Assessment to be challenging. The test includes 12 questions in 4 sections. Take online practice tests that are similar to the ones you will be required to take. Your message was sent. Second, there is a column for each for the years mentioned, which contains two other columns – one for employed and one for unemployed. Complete Your Preparation. Look at the headlines of the rows and columns to locate the relevant information you are asked to find in the question. III) Simulate your actual test. Take care of everything you need before you begin. When you prepare with the right practice materials you are sure to boost your numerical reasoning skills and become more familiar with how to locate the relevant data and plug in the correct equation. When you answer a question correctly, you’ll face an even harder question.

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