rugby positions explained funny

He, in turn, got it from another prop. Each one wears a specific number and has individual responsibilities: This group is collectively referred to as the pack or the forwards. Line-outs restart play after the ball, or a player carrying it, has gone out of bounds. A good theory on positions: the number on your back is just how much you're mentally able to count up to. Held every four 4 years to crown the World Champion, 20 nations. This is a tiny chap with a big voice and some serious mental health issues. These ladies are fond of sayings like "Speed Kills" and "Wheels Win" - how cute. i enjoy this even though it makes fun of me. Each position possesses unique characteristics. Main responsibilities as far as I can tell are ability to throw the ball over people's heads and to provide something soft for opposing back rowers to land on. Sorry to all the loose-head props. I've only ever played forward since that day on and also packed on quite a bit of weight so switching to back would be quite difficult now 6 years later. Rugby positions. "Look," he said, waving an airy hand at the just-departed backs, "these Phantom comic swappers and Mintie eaters, these blond-headed flyweights are one thing, and we will need them after the hard work's done. So when it came time to pick positions the coach said "okay we're now going to divide you up into forwards and backs. Breakdown By Position. If you eat other peoples food with you're hands you're a prop. Hookers. If you're a confused metrosexual with a phobia of paying child support... wing. Gauge, Steven. Some relish the forward role and will do anything to win the ball and there are others within this group that will break the prime directive of the forward and do anything to prance foolishly with the ball. Fly Half: His primary role is the leader of the backs - a dubious honor at best. ", My second year playing, I was maybe 16, we had a game in pretty horrible conditions, a few inches of water on the pitch, I got stuck in the bottom of a pile and ended up swallowing a good amount of water/mud/goose shit, the ref blew it up for safety's sake and as I came up, spewing mud out of my nose and mouth like a dragon roaring out of the depths, the ref looks at me and says chopped words. Each of the thirteen players is assigned a position, normally with a standardised number, which reflects their role in attack and defence, although players can take up any position at any time. A list of featured national rugby teams on Specific offsides laws exist for different phases of play, but essentially players can’t be involved if they’re in front of a teammate who last played the ball or are behind the ball when the opposition has it.

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