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HackingConspiracyHarassmentFabricationIncriminationTortureAttempted vandalism Wij gebruiken deze informatie alleen voor het produceren van gegeneraliseerde statistieken om de gebruikerservaring van onze website te verbeteren. Barney and Billy Triplet | Dr. Vink |

Mr. Olson | Now... here's a half-drunk can of Wahoo punch. Alley Monsters. Thornton Locke | Trash Bandit | TV Series Rusty | Segundo Mehija | Wanna-Bee | Suitmen | Mini Moose, Chalkzone

Oonski the Great | deel. Cave Cow | K.G. In "iChristmas", he appears in a virtual reality where he is Carly's boyfriend in which Carly's brother Spencer was born normal. Control Brains | |

Dana Bukowski | Kyoko and Yuki | Phlegmy Boy | Sam: [storms in; speaks very fast] Hey, can I come in? Glowface | Finguere, Fanboy & Chum Chum [Carly, Sam and Freddie cheer about Freddie's pun. This is why Spencer's legs slightly move during the scene.

It is currently uncertain if the girlfriend is actually. Sam: There you go. Marta Trundel | Nevel: [Drinks from Sam's shoe, chokes and takes something out of his mouth] What's this? Mr. Tophat | Nevel was absent throughout Season 3, although he was mentioned from time to time.

Golden Eagle Twins | Evil Spirit | ", The title is a reference to Mr. T's famous catchphrase, "I pity the fool!

Eliza Gaines | Francisco | Puma Loco | The Trick-or-Treaters |

Green Ghoul | The Shadow Hammer | Valerie | Jill Perrybottom | Darcy Wong | El Tarantula | Candy (Hey Arnold!) Vinnie Raton | Superhandig! Mona Patterson | Escape Goat |

Francine Briggs | Rona Burger | Ms. Bitters | Connie | In "iFight Shelby Marx", he tricks a professional female teenage fighter named Shelby Marx into thinking Carly injured her grandmother on purpose, but Carly and Sam reveal the truth to Shelby, so all three girls, Carly, Shelby, and Sam pulverize Nevel. Reed Alexander also appeared in a few videos on during the production of Season 3. He deeply enjoys this situation, but shortly afterwards, his popularity fades as werewolves become more popular than vampires.

Olympia Wong | Son of Scalestrp | Nick Vermicelli | Je kunt je browser zodanig instellen dat deze cookies geblokkeerd worden, maar sommige delen van de website werken dan wellicht niet. Door op 'Accepteren en doorgaan' te klikken geef je toestemming voor het gebruik van cookies. Different from many villains, his main evil purpose is that he is in love with the main character of the show, Carly Shay, but despises her friends, Freddie and Sam, and as well as her brother, Spencer. In the Season 4 episode "iPity the Nevel", a video of him yelling at a little girl and breaking her lollipop in revenge for breaking his breaded butter pickle jar is put on the internet, shattering his reputation with his website now revoked. Sage | Handig! After he offers a sincere and real apology to the girl, Molly, live on iCarly, he then receives many positive comments again, but when a handicapped man bumps into him with his wheelchair shortly afterwards, Nevel starts yelling at the man and is filmed yet again. Rhoda Hellberg |

Chandler McCann | Icarly is een programma op de Nederlandse TV van Nickelodeon dat door de bezoekers van Telezien gewaardeerd is met een gemiddelde van 3,5 sterren. Che | iPity The Nevel is the ninth episode of Season Four, and seventy-ninth overall. Corpse | The Loud House Mr. Griff | Petey | which is a popular saying that originated in WWI as a phrase soldiers would say in Military and Naval hospitals, it's essentially just a different way of saying "good night. Nevel shows up at Carly's apartment, desperate for help. Thor | Hobby

Originally, the creamed corn was meant to be creamed spinach, but when the spinach was provided, Dan Schneider decided it looked too "ummm... illegal" (probably too similar to bags of marijuana). Candi Falconman | Carly: What's up?

Sam: You wanna prove it? King Mutt | Meanwhile, Freddie becomes popular with the girls after playing a vampire in an iCarly parody short film, known as "Moonlight Twi-Blood". Sam: Nevel!

Fairy Pinch-ess | Ms. Valenti | Nevel invites Carly Shay over, and kisses her. Lars Rodriguez | Gort | As Sam and Cat left, he begged them to get him out of the hospital. Goals J.T Frittlehoot | Big Bob Pataki | Carly: We were ahead of the curve. Mr. Bitters | Snotty Boy's Friends | Now that Nevel has hit rock bottom and has become a social pariah, he goes to the iCarly crew asking for a chance for redemption; though they are reluctant, then try to help him get back on his feet (they were convinced when Nevel drank from Sam's sweaty shoe filled with Wahoo Punch), after first hog-tying him up as a rodeo cowboy does to a bull. Quicksand Man | Telezien maakt gebruik van cookies om de website te analyseren, het gebruiksgemak te vergroten en advertenties te tonen. He owns his fictional website called In this episode, it is discovered that Gibby has a girlfriend. Michelle and Doug | Diggers | Puppy How did the crew manage to set the egg gun on fire? Gibby: This pudding rocks! Jack Rabbit | Carter Ford | Peter Kirlan | Alan Krim, Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide Carly pretended to apologize, but then had Nevel put in the Jerk Basket and subjected to the same punishment Freddie had unwittingly experienced. Mr. Howard | Portia Gibbons | Ollie | Emerald Loaf | General Chapuza | Huge Crew | Jake |

Exterminator | My foot's been sweating in this for over a year.

Ted | Voor elke nieuwe aflevering krijg je van ons een e-mail. Origin Margot | S.U.S.P.E.N.S.E.

Nevel Amadeus Papperman Trick | Dimitri and Ivan | Nevel gave them clues to find the former, such as the donkey sauce, which came from Aloha Burgers, and that the best way to hide someone was in an abandoned house. Biker Ducks | Sunshine Girls | Burt | Slush and Snowflake | Park Ranger | Chip Chambers | Commander Conch | Lunk Chump | Hope Quincy| Balfour | In reality, he was having lunch with a friend, which turned out to be Gibby Gibson. Lady Gobbler | Everyone: Yoo-hoo! However, this could just be a closeup of the frame to show that he is being recorded. Skrawl | Boog Shlizetti |

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