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Maps showing the percent change in Total Grassland Production by county compared to the 34-year average. Drought classes include (ranked from least to most severe) D0 - abnormally dry, D1 - moderate, D2 - severe, D3 - extreme, and D4 - exceptional drought. Moderate drought in Moffat and Routt counties was replaced with severe conditions. The weather service issued its winter outlook for the U.S. on Oct. 15 and pinned many of its predictions for the western part of the country on the continuation of a La Niña, a band of cooler-than-normal sea surface temperatures in the Central Pacific. Early in the summer of 2019, the state was in an eight-week span of drought-free conditions - the first time Colorado had been clear from all levels of drought and abnormally dry conditions since records became available starting in 2000. Drought has crimped Colorado corn, a bigger economic crop than wheat, but not as severely. In northwest and north central Colorado, extreme conditions expanded to cover all or portions of Rio Blanco, Moffat, Routt, Jackson, Larimer and Grand counties. soil moisture percentiles. However, this tilt in the odds towards above normal precipitation usually comes later in the cold season, and is less likely in NDJ. precipitation. The northern half of the state is forecast to have equal chances of above-average or below-average snowfall. standardized precipitation index. View Interactive SPI Maps. NOAA’s El Niño Portal: Current status of El Niño and explanatory links. The southern portion of the state, however, is favored to have drier-than-average weather. Lower than average snowfall is also possible. Forecaster: Anthony Artusa For more news and impacts information, visit the NDMC. The Outlook predicts whether drought will emerge, stay the same or get better in the next three months. Worsening drought and warmer-than-average temperatures are predicted for all of Colorado this winter. Worsening drought and warmer-than-average … In the southeast, drought improvement was noted for small portions of Otero, Bent, Prowers, Las Animas and Baca counties, where severe drought was replaced with moderate conditions, thanks to a brief but dramatic change to cold and wet conditions early in the week. La Niña also boosts the odds for increased storm activity and above normal precipitation for the northern third of the Western Region. For an interactive map with options to show layers depicting watches and warnings, weather outlooks, spot forecasts, click here. How long could it last? While smoke darkens Front Range skies and the Gunnison Valley turns to shades of brown, it may be hard to believe that it’s getting deep somewhere in the Western U.S. Puerto Rico currently has no drought, thanks largely to the close passage of Tropical Storm Isaias in late July, and no development is anticipated during the early portion of its dry season (Dec-Apr). Copyright © 2002-2020. United States monthly temperature outlook for September 2020. The challenge is to determine how much drought might develop late in the NDJ season, and where. View Interactive SPI Maps. Colorado Drought Conditions - September 8, 2020. This is supported by the 30-day and 90-day outlooks from CPC, NDJ climatology, and La Niña composites. CoAgMET reference ET. Kiowa County Press - 1208 Maine Street, Eads, Colorado 81036. The year-long, real-time portion of Rodeo II kicked off on September 30, 2019, with the first forecasts due October 13, 2019. temperature. The Colorado Climate Center at Colorado State University notes that the state's eastern plains are more likely to see above average temperatures during La Nina winters, though there are no guarantees. Seasonal fire potential. National Significant Wildland Fire Potential Outlook, Regional Quarterly Impacts and Outlook Reports. El Niño/Southern Oscillation (ENSO) Diagnostic Discussion and Weekly ENSO: Detailed explanation of El Ninõ’s current status and progression. But the mountains of Western Montana have already received feet of snow, and more is forecast for the region this week. (Sam Liebl can be contacted at 970.641.1414 or, La Niña to keep Colorado drier and warmer than normal. may earn an affiliate commission if you purchase products or services through links in an article. View Interactive Maps of ACIS precipitation . Forecasts are issued every other week and evaluated as observed data A significant La Niña is currently underway, and is expected to continue throughout the Nov-Dec-Jan (NDJ) 2020-21 drought outlook period. Colorado Drought Update. Courtesy NOAA. The small area of moderate drought (D1 in the U.S. Drought Monitor) in northwest Alaska is also slated for removal, consistent with the 90-day precipitation outlook. Thursday, the National Weather Service Climate Prediction Center issued a La Nina advisory, stating La Nina conditions are present, with a 75 percent chance of continuing through the winter as Pacific Ocean surface temperatures remain below average. The weather service splits Colorado in half with regards to its winter precipitation predictions. This jet stream pattern has been in effect for most of October, and is a main reason why Colorado has stayed mostly dry and Montana has been consistently snowy this fall. Therefore, drought improvement and removal is predicted across the Islands. CoAgMET reference ET. ACIS precipitation. This seems counterintuitive across the Dakotas and eastern Montana, where CPC predicts increased odds for above normal precipitation during the late autumn and early winter. The Monthly Drought Outlook is issued at the end of each calendar month and is valid for the upcoming month. CPC’s NDJ seasonal precipitation outlook favors above normal precipitation in Hawaii, as do La Niña composites and the onset of the climatological rainy season. United States monthly drought outlook for September 2020. National Centers for Environmental Prediction, U.S. Weekly Drought The Climate Prediction Center's (CPC) Seasonal Drought Outlook is issued monthly on the third Thursday of each month.

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