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Watch stylized highlights from the 49ers 44-33 Week 16 victory over the Jaguars in this edition of "The Remix". hey, yeah that's a wild- those seven bills or 49ers super bowls were the years that Berman would make his prediction, as "The Swami"... every year one of the two would be in it but never both. The following browsers are supported: Chrome, Edge (v80 and later), Firefox and Safari.

I looked quick at the previous champ opening against the hosting city. Alex Smith threw for a season-high 303 yards and three touchdowns, Frank Gore ran for 106 yards and a score, and the San Francisco 49ers amassed a franchise-record 621 yards in blowing by the Buffalo Bills 45-3 on Sunday. Check out all the best highlights and action from the first five practices of the 2015 San Francisco 49ers Training Camp.

The 49ers staunch defensive unit and solid running game helped defeat the Vikings 20-3. BUT Kansas City was in prime time like 5 out of the first 8 weeks a year ago (I REALLY thought they were charging them for the SB with all of that prime time action)... so maybe it means the Pats won't do it- like the Chiefs didn't do it a year ago with similar prime time exposure early on...AFC east ALL have bye week in week 11.Oh, 2003 yds... the 34th primevery nice. After losing Virginia's record dropped to 31-3Speaking of O.J the last game of his NFL career was against the Atlanta FalconsSimpson was the first to go over 2k rushing yardsHe had 2003, which is the 304th prime (34)SB53 is on the 34th day of the yearOJ's last season was Joe Montana's rookie year. pretty close... HA, just realized something glancing at those scores- SB41 "forty-one" = 46... the score totaled to 46... famous for having two prime numbers for scores, 29 and 17... the 10th and the 7th... 10 and 7 are 17... what was just the winning score in the SB for the '17 season? Isaiah Simmons intercepts Russell Wilson in overtime, setting up the 48-yard game-winning field goal from Zane Gonzalez as the Cardinals take down the Seahawks 37-34. Seahawks cornerback Shaquill Griffin will enter the concussion protocol after being ruled out of Sunday night's game at Arizona. It is highly recommended that you use the latest versions of a supported browser in order to receive an optimal viewing experience. View highlights from the 17-16 victory in this edition of The Remix.

The Seahawks' success in close games finally went bust in Arizona, as Russell Wilson's interceptions and more leaky defense were costly. ha.maybe flimsy but those SB numbers add to 182.182 reversed is 281... "Chris Boomer Berman" = 281 and his weird 'catchphrase' "You're with me, leather" = 281 [reverse bacon]...I like the SB28/ATL thing...1035 weeks... 1035, the 45th triangular number...45/54 Bills=54 and then Trump/NY 45th President...10351 is 11 (football) x 941...941 is the 160th prime... 16... 53...and of course 941 is 149 which is 35th prime and 35 is 53.o.j. San Francisco 49ers Video: The official source of the latest 49ers videos including game highlights, press conferences, 49ers Live, and more The official source for NFL news, video highlights, fantasy football, game-day coverage, schedules, stats, scores and more. I like it WBC, awesome work, that's some strong coding for the Bills.

Check out the top moments from the 49ers joint practice with the Houston Texans prior to their Preseason Week 1 matchup. The patriots are playing the Colts for the Week 5 TNF game.Between the 2 of us I’m expecting to decode the hell out of this season! From that game to the upcoming SB is a span of 1035 weeks and 1 day This was the Bills last appearance.

The 59 is huge and how it ties into OJ, Bills, death, date etcHaha when did Berman make his prediction ?

Showing synchronicites and number connections in the News and Sports that are way beyond coincidence! Basically a home game...Oh wow man, the Raymond Berry 82 stuff, I'd agree with ya. ", Watch stylized highlights from the 49ers 31-21 Week 10 victory over the Giants in this edition of "The Remix.". SB24- 49ers won (Broncos) SB25- Bills lost (Giants) SB26- Bills lost (Redskins) SB27- Bills lost (Cowboys) SB28- Bills lost (Cowboys) SB29- 49ers won (Chargers) In SB28 the Bills lost 30-13 (313) that game was played in ATL.

Check out all the best highlights from both sides of the football over the course of the first four practices of 49ers training camp. hey thanks for the check man, I started to check it myself and around about SB20 I forgot to click "next season" when I'd open a team to see who they opened against and threw it all off so I scrapped it and might try again later. The San Francisco 49ers left early for Denver to get in some practice with the Broncos. The only won I saw was 2006 when the Steelers played Miami, Steelers won 28-17.

This was the Bills last appearance.From that game to the upcoming SB is a span of 1035 weeks and 1 day16 seeds are now 1-135 vs 1 Seeds.

San Francisco 49ers vs. Buffalo Bills Results. View highlights from the practice field as the San Francisco 49ers gear up for the 2015 season. Check out the top plays from the last few 49ers practices of 2016 training camp as the team continues to prepare for the upcoming season. Check out a highlight reel of all the top moments as the 49ers took their training camp into that heart of San Francisco at Kezar Stadium. The first thing that came to my mind about these two teams was how they played in consecutive Superbowls but never faced each otherSB23- 49ers won (Bengals)SB24- 49ers won (Broncos)SB25- Bills lost (Giants)SB26- Bills lost (Redskins)SB27- Bills lost (Cowboys)SB28- Bills lost (Cowboys)SB29- 49ers won (Chargers)In SB28 the Bills lost 30-13 (313) that game was played in ATL. This is the Remix, by 49ers Studios. also- the SB28 score breaks down to 3-4 (34)... adds to 43/34...alright cheers! 49ers rip Bills, gain franchise-record 621 yards. Games don't come much worse than that.

The following is a list of all regular season and postseason games played between the San Francisco 49ers and Buffalo Bills. View some of the highlights from the game. Cardinals rookie linebacker Isaiah Simmons intercepted Seahawks quarterback Russell Wilson late in overtime, setting the stage for a winning field goal by Zane Gonzalez that capped a wild Sunday night matchup between Arizona and Seattle. The browser you are using is no longer supported on this site. Hey Ivan, I remember he would make the same prediction every year, back when I watched like a sheeple, and it turns out he made the same prediction seven years in a row- SB23 to SB29... and one of the teams was in it each year, but they never faced each other. 49ers Studios takes you inside the first week of offseason strength and conditioning workouts for the San Francisco 49ers.

Watch stylized highlights from the first few days of 49ers organized team activities in this edition of "The Remix". The Colts would defeat the Bears in SB41, 29-17, in Miami.There were also a couple California ones that I wouldn’t count tho.I looked really quick so could have easily missed some.I found it funny how Bills are playing the Ravens week 1. This is The Remix, by 49ers Studios. I think that’s a bad sign for # 82, Raymond Berry. San Francisco 49ers veterans are back on the practice field for 2015 minicamp. Watch stylized highlights from the 49ers 26-16 Week 14 victory over the Texans in this edition of "The Remix". Watch stylized highlights from the two days of 49ers mandatory minicamp in this edition of "The Remix". View some of the highlights from the two days of practice. View highlights from the first 10 days. Check out the highlights from the 49ers Week 16 comeback victory over the Los Angeles Rams. An uncharacteristic performance by Russell Wilson that included three interceptions led to an uncharacteristic postgame news conference in which the Seahawks quarterback and MVP candidate acknowledged, "It starts with me" and "I've got to be better.". Alex Smith threw for a season-high 303 yards and three touchdowns, Frank Gore ran for 106 yards and a score, and the San Francisco 49ers … Running back Kenyan Drake became the third Arizona Cardinal to have his night ended by injury when he left after suffering an ankle injury in the fourth quarter. Kyle Williams 43 Yard Pass From Alex Smith, Michael Crabtree 28 Yard Pass From Alex Smith, Mario Manningham 10 Yard Pass From Alex Smith. The two teams have met each other 12 times, with the San Francisco 49ers winning 6 games and the Buffalo Bills winning 6 games. One thing I was surprised by was that SB19, SF... they played it in Stanford Stadium, Palo Alto... but man that's awful close to SF! The San Francisco 49ers faced the Minnesota Vikings in Week 1. NFL Draft analysis Mayfield & other thoughts, 2018 NFL Draft The Browns select JOSH ALLEN, NFL player sells Mantle rookie card for $2.88 million, March for Our Lives Protest and gun control.

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