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[4] It started early that morning, when Alabama's lone tornado of the outbreak struck Fairview at F2 strength, causing extensive damage. surrounding counties. And a good thing - the region In that neighborhood of two-story homes and [21], There were 43 tornadoes confirmed in the US in March. [53] The worst event occurred on May 20, when a violent, quarter-mile wide F4 tornado hit the northwest side of Plano, Iowa while moving through Wayne County, injuring five. None of those phenomena have much, if any, influence from man-made objects or small-relief terrain features like we have here in the St. Louis region. [48] The second one struck Eastern Orlando, killing one and injuring nine. above rooftops east of Glencoe, in rural southwestern St. Louis In the Two of them have impacted St. Louis City, 6 have occurred inside St. Louis County. three-story brick home at 4202 Delmar Boulevard, at Whittier [53], A small, but deadly outbreak of eight tornadoes hit areas from Nebraska to Connecticut. It was the third deadliest tornado in St. Louis history and, for Special | 11m 51s At 4202 Delmar, a three-story rooming house collapsed. funnel's suction force exploded her roof. [105] Unfortunately, this was not the case in Monmouth, Illinois, where a fatal F2 tornado killed one. Gaslight Square. North Grand Boulevard. Storm Data lists a 25 mile path. apartment. [120] The first one struck Stanardsville, killing one and injuring nine. [132] A third F2 tornado then struck Northern Bowie. died and 34 were injured. pondered adding a tornado warning, but did not. You can cancel at any time. darkness, he stumbled and twisted an ankle. Strong and violent tornadoes have struck the heart of the city before, and are certain to happen again. [96], There were 63 tornadoes confirmed in the US in July. She awoke unhurt to wind [64] No tornadoes on this day exceeded F1 strength however. [3] The next day was much more destructive. [56] Later, a brief F1 tornado injured one northeast of Loma, Nebraska. now, the last devastating one. Closed Captioning. [53][54] The first major tornado of the outbreak was an F2 tornado that struck Sabinal, Texas. Already a subscriber? [11] In the end, the outbreak killed three and injured five. Grazulis does not include St. Clair in the path but he does mention damage reported there in his summary of the event. The white people Citizens donated $240,000 to the Channel 2's stubby tower on Hampton, a scattering of city lots that [134] Another destructive F3 tornado later hit Northern Darco and Western Stricklin Springs. There were 16 tornadoes confirmed in the US in January. "Mine was an Avenue, then a residence for Catholic business women. [136] This was the first tornado ever confirmed in Alaska, thus making it the 50th and final state to confirm their first tornado since 1950. [52], There were 226 confirmed tornadoes in the US in May. where Flavia Schmidt, 49, was asleep in her brick bungalow, the [60][61] The first one was a mile-wide and hit Bear Creek. [112][113][114] On September 27, a violent F4 tornado moved through rural Craig County, Oklahoma before moving into Kansas, growing .25 miles (0.40 km), and striking Western Chetopa, killing one and injuring one. 750,000. Families filled the apartments above the shops on busy Disaster response planning and emergency management experts generally agree that the worst-case violent tornado in any city would be an EF5 that strikes at the height of afternoon rush hour, when many people are in automobiles and stuck in heavy traffic. PBS is a 501(c)(3) not-for-profit organization. 16 homes were leveled and 100+ had major damage. By creating an account, you acknowledge that PBS may share your information with our member stations and our respective service providers, and that you have read and understand the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use. [92] On June 11, an F1 tornado hit Clarksdale, Mississippi, killing one. Even had the bureau upped the alert, it wouldn't have activated The storm's impacts extended into the days following, with the long-term power outages affecting commerce, travel and most importantly air conditioning during the oppressive heat. with their young daughters, Jacqueline and Denise. severe-thunderstorm warning. Thank you for helping us improve PBS Video. upside-down world of shredded trees, downed power lines and [95] Other tornadoes took place in Florida and Nebraska, including an F2 tornado that hit Limestone Creek, Florida. LINK: Weather Bureau report on the 1896 tornadoes. [72] Early the next morning, an F1 tornado hit the Southern St. Louis suburb of Columbia, Illinois, causing heavy damage. LOUIS • The weather on the night of Monday, Feb. 9, 1959, was all wrong for midwinter. | Closed CaptioningVideo has closed captioning. [137] The outbreak ended with an F1 tornado that hit Star, Mississippi 55 minutes later. Page 1018. [103] On September 30, the final three tornadoes of the outbreak were all F3 twisters that caused major damage in Virginia. extent of the disaster, didn't call in the city Civil Defense [127] Additionally, an F2 tornado then injured two when it struck the town of Yuba, Oklahoma. [17] An F3 tornado hit Bruceville, Indiana, causing significant damage. Skipping northeastward, the tornado got busy again just west of Storms are common in St. Louis during the summer months, so why are there so few tornadoes that time of year? I was behind him at As intriguing as this looks, to the best of our knowledge these are most likely coincidental. Luminosity Accompanying St. Louis Tornado – February 10, 1959 – A Monthly Review Weather Note by Bernard Vonnegut. "At the hospital, everyone was covered in soot. [124], There were 11 tornadoes confirmed in the US in November. Six of the eight who died there were Mildred Campbell and five of Preparation is always the key to safety from severe weather threats. near Alton. LINK: NWS event summary of the 2006 derecho. Overnight, a wispy shape appeared on [122] The final one was half-mile wide and caused major damage in Pleasant Grove Park. Feb. 9, 1959, was all wrong for midwinter. [58] A destructive, mile-wide F2 tornado hit Sabetha and Whiting, Kansas. wheel at the old Forest Park Highlands, buzzed the park and smashed The storm gathered killing force and churned its way through the 1970s, when crime and urban decay overwhelmed it. | Post-Dispatch, February 10, 1959--A house at the corner of Delmar Blvd. [6] Later, another F2 tornado hit Belmont just west of the Alabama border, injuring one. [94] Overall, the outbreak sequence killed one and injured three.[92]. Rounding his old corner, he saw Hallie Harris and her husband, Eddie, were asleep in a bedroom Striking well after dark on a winter night, it caught the city by surprise. stairs to the second floor, where firefighters put a ladder to a [109] Meanwhile, in the Southern Milwaukee suburbs, an F2 tornado hit Greendale, Wisconsin, injuring three while an F1 tornado passed south of Rochester before moving through Sylvania, Sturtevant, and Northwestern Elmwood Park, injuring two. Three miles northeast, Jim and Pansyetta Fleener and their Meteorologists did not see it coming, but if they had, the city’s sirens could only be used to warn of enemy attack. The data shows the effect of the lack of reporting in those early years: only 54 tornadoes were recorded in the metro area in the 80-year period from 1870 to 1950, with nearly 5 times that amount reported in the 68 years following. This Tuesday, Feb. 10, is the 50th We can remove the first show in the list to add this one. One mitigating factor is that downtown, there is plenty of shelter available if sufficient warning lead time allows people to get to a safe place inside a large building. Harris was six months pregnant. A large TV tower was blown down. Get up-to-the-minute news sent straight to your device. chimney crushed two maintenance men. Significant tree and power line damage was widespread, along with long-term power outages that affected more than 1.2 million people. Spinning behind the St. Lightning strikes to the Arch are more common, happening once or twice a year. But in reality, true "Tornado Alley" is much larger. Really, I don't like to think about it.". Most definitions include all of the counties in and surrounding the main population center - this would include St. Louis City and County, Lincoln, St. Charles, Franklin and Jefferson Counties in Missouri, and Calhoun, Jersey, Macoupin, Madison, St. Clair, Clinton and Monroe counties in Illinois. destroyed, 245 with major damage, 1,633 more with minor damage. Using this county-defined boundary of the metro area, the tornado count is as follows: The majority of strong and violent tornadoes in the St. Louis area happen during, Severe storms bring not only a tornado risk to the St. Louis region, but also a threat of significant hail and wind. Take a look at the aftermath in Gaslight Square and the Central West End all those years ago. and stuff away and they were fine. By some metrics, this tornado might be the costliest in US history when accounting for inflation and overall economic impact [2]. It only lists details for St. Louis County. [68] Another F3 tornado hit Rubio, Iowa before the worst tornado of the outbreak occurred. Before you submit an error, please consult our Troubleshooting Guide. Long answer: Tornado Alley a colloquialism (not an officially recognized term) describing the part of the United States where tornadoes - specifically strong and violent ones - are most common. Sixty years later, his memory of it still as sharp as a knife. Lisa was asleep, next to broken brick in her crib. [27]The final tornado of the outbreak moved through rural Effingham County, Illinois at F2 intensity just after midnight, injuring two. [32] Despite the damage, there were no casualties from any of the tornadoes. [25] The strongest tornado of the outbreak then touched and reached F3 intensity as it tore through Southern Vilona and Antioch, Arkansas, killing one and injuring three. Join the tornado history discussion on our Discord Channel: 1959 tornado in St. Louis left 21 dead and 345 injured, Luminosity Accompanying St. Louis Tornado – February 10, 1959, Grenada County, MS F2 Tornado – February 4, 1971, Hamilton & Polk Counties, NE F4 Tornado – April 7, 1978, Clarkesville, GA F3 Tornado – November 15, 1989, Elma-Lawler-Waucoma, IA F4 Tornado – July 12, 1971. 20 people have been killed by tornadoes in St. Louis and [129] It started with an early-morning F1 tornado west of Prescott Valley, Arizona on November 2 before the outbreak mostly focused on Texas. Louis Cathedral, it struck McAuley Hall at 325 North Newstead [92], An outbreak sequence of 14 tornadoes hit the Midwest and the Mississippi Valley. with debris. 3 of the 12 F4 tornadoes in the St. Louis area, You have to go 70 miles southeast from St. Louis to find the. [41] Three people were then injured by an F3 tornado in Silver City. [36] The final tornado of the outbreak was also the strongest: a large .25 miles (0.40 km) wide F3 tornado tore through Carthage and Southern Defeated and Kempville, Tennessee. Grazulis, Thomas P. (1993). Eight people died in the collaspe. While no actual photos of the tornado exist, it probably appeared similar in shape and size to this F4 in Crosstown, Missouri in 2006: The tornado killed at least 255 and injured 1,000, and is currently third place in the deadliest tornadoes in U.S. history. her seven children. It killed 21 people, injured 345 others and left jaw-dropping devastation in its path. The storm destroyed roofs and top floors All photos courtesy of the State Historical Society of Missouri. They were still asleep.". [124] Early on October 3, an F1 tornado caused heavy damage Eastern Fort Worth. Around 2000 buildings were damaged or destroyed, including 16 homes that were destroyed and over 100 others that suffered major damage. Firefighters dug through the wreck all night beneath floodlights. apartments, five more were killed and 31 injured. Did you enjoy reading about this event? The storm also produced several tornadoes during its lifespan that produced $12 million in damage in Missouri. You might think of Tornado Alley as encompassing the Great Plains region of the central United States, focused on Oklahoma, Kansas, and Nebraska.

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